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A Trainer Who Understands & Cares


Bre Mebane, is a Las Vegas based group fitness  and personal trainer. Struggling with her own personal weight gain of approximately  100lbs; she understands what it takes to get real results.  

Knowledgeable Training Expertise


She has extensive experience in various training techniques: strength training , endurance training, resistance training , and weightlifting  to name a few. She understands the core fundamentals needed to succeed with attaining and maintaining fitness results. In 2017 she lost over 70+ lbs with simply implementing her unique healthy lifestyle based habits . Bre has a comprehensive background in boxing , self defense training and martial arts.She currently is recognized and certified internationally with IFFA.

We All Start Somewhere


Understanding that we all start somewhere ! Even the greatest of all time  Michael Jordan didn’t become all time player overnight. With  proper will power,  determination and focus anything is possible. Once you put your mind to it, your the only thing that will ever hold you back during your fitness journey.

My Tips To burn Belly Fat

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